Ecotivity is an abbreviation, or blend, of the term, ecological activity . An ecotivity is any activity that promotes the conservation or sustainability of ecosystems and bio-diversity .

In more general terms, an ecotivity can be thought of as any ecologically friendly activity. Ecotivities therefore makes a positive contribution to the crisis of the planet.

Ecotivities include all associated values, actions, and choices for a green consumer, or as an individual living for sustainable living, for example, by recycling or energy efficiency. Ecotivity can also be of political, direct action , hand-on environmental conservation , and creative confrontational acts, which are a means to protect the environment.

Types of ecotivity

  • recycling
  • energy conservation
  • use of renewable energy
  • ecotourism
  • simple living / sustainable living
  • use of alternative transport
  • organic farming and other sustainable agriculture
  • guerrilla gardening or permaculture
  • conservation volunteering
  • green politics
  • eco blogging
  • ecoterrorism
  • green or environmental consumerism
  • environment education [1]
  • … and other environmentally friendly lifestyle choices

Ecotivity links

  • Ecotivity – a community driven website that promotes awareness of activities, events, tools, ideas and resources.
  • Environmental Education Ecotivity – Monteverde Forest Preserve Environmental Education Program using an ecotivity box.


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