Delhi Greens is a non-governmental organization , founded by the trio Ravinder Bawa, Aastha Kukreti, and Govind Singh , for spreading the message of green environment and sustainable development. [2] [3] The organization is headquartered in New Delhi , India .


Delhi Greens Was founded by Dr. Govind Singh PhD, university professor at the Department of Environment, University of Delhi , [4] and his like-minded friends, Ravinder Bawa and Aastha Kukreti, [5] and Was registered as a society ( Regn No. 3,566) in 2007. [6]

Mission and objectives

The value of a tree is priceless. We were forced to make a price tag on them because they were able to make them realize their value is through monetary terms , says Govind Singh, co-founder of Delhi Greens, about the economic value the organization put at ₹ 31.51 million. [7]

Delhi Greens has a mission to educate the masses and invites their participation in the demand for sustainable development. It proposes to propagate the message of environmentalism and green economy and supports the global initiatives with these goals. It also aims to protect the forests and biodiversity of India.

The declared objectives of the organization are:

  • To work as a global information hub for a global environment, information and opinions.
  • To support, promote and initiate green campaigns in India.
  • To educate the youth about the environmental issues on climate change through training workshops, summits and seminars.
  • To promote and support eco-tourism and use as a tool for creating awareness among the public on environmental conservation.
  • To provide a common meeting for public agencies, private agencies and general public.
  • To prompt and assist corporates in discharging Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Delhi Greens operations can broadly be classified under three protocols. Efforts on dissemination of information and creation of public awareness are considered by the organization. It regularly organizes seminars independently or in coordination with other agencies. The Third Delhi Youth Summit on Climate Change (DYSoC 2013) [8] was one such initiative for rallying the youth together, conceived and organized by Delhi Greens and supported by the Cluster Innovation Center of the University of Delhi . [9] [10]

Delhi Greens, one year of its inception, in 2008, took over Delhi’s Greens Blog (DGB), [5] a web-based publication initiative started by one of the organization’s founders, Govind Singh. [11] Singh to create a platform for protest against the felling of heritage in New Delhi during the preparatory phase of the Commonwealth Games 2010 ; the action led to a student protest later. [5] The Delhi Greens [5] and the first of an initiative named Green Media Network (GMN) initiative. [6]Delhi Greens have extended the reach of their propaganda under GMN program when, in 2010, they launched NE Greens , another portal modeled to the North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim. North East India. Delhi Greens are planning to strengthen the portal by appointing state wise coordinators in the eight states. [6]

Another mode of Delhi Greens activity is physical and vocal participation in environmental issues in the country. The organization tries to make its presence felt by airing the environment. [4] [12] During the Proceedings of the Public Proceedings of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Vikings of the Vikaspuri – Meera Bagh elevated highway project, New Delhi Greens prepared for an environmental impact study of the project which was later filed with the National Greens Tribunal of India. [13] [14] The organization has also brought about similar reports pertaining to environmental issues in other areas. [7][15]

Delhi Greens have also expanded their outreach to other parts of the country and the surrounding region. In Tibet, it’s a campaign, Earth-o-Care campaign in association with Women’s Environment and Development Desk (WEDD) of the Tibetan Women’s Association on the World Environment Day (June 5, 2011). [16] Their involvement in environmental campaigns Initiated by other organizations are aussi Reported Such As Their participation in Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna campaign [17] in qui They partner Nature Foundation (India), an environmental NGO based in Delhi [18] and Art of Living . [19]

Awards and recognitions

Delhi Greens Blog , the official blog of Delhi Greens won the IB Awards as the Best Blog under Social and Environment category in 2013. [20]


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