The Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) is one of four academic and research centers at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Stuart School of Business (SSB) in the city of Chicago . The CSE HAS created a platform to convene disciplinary The Many facets of the ITI colleges with business, community and government stakeholders in Focused initiatives dedicated to making Chicago sustainable city .


The CSE was founded in 2000 and operates with a project-by-project basis. The center has also hosted several seminars on environmental and sustainability issues, as well as several national and international conferences. Projects Conducted by the SSC-have included a form of life cycle analysis for a small Chicago company manufacturing floor service products, a geographic information system (GIS) research project for two filiales of Exelon , and a life cycle assessment (LCA) is a new product for SC Johnson .

In 2006, the Center for Sustainable Enterprise became a member of the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance (CSBA), a 150-member organization dedicated to sustainability and sustainable networking in the city of Chicago.


The primary mission of the CSE is the identification, development, communication and implementation of practical and equitable business strategies that advance the ecological sustainability of the Chicago metropolitan area. By expanding on traditional business and enterprise models, the center has developed strategies that will be used in the future. The CSE developed a tool called „total asset management“ which analyzes financial, physical, human and natural forms of capital. By incorporating this concept, businesses can assess and align the capital that they directly affect or influence the future. Envisioning new paradigms that appreciate all these forms of capital added value for the company. Another tool created by the CSE, “ the comprehensive enterprise models “ helps businesses and communities, represented by both government and non-government organizations, rethink their relationship and construct a more balanced and sustainable paradigm.

Main activities

While specific projects depend on the interests of participants, the community and funding support, the CSE performs the following activities:

  • Common Ground: The CSE serves as a forum where groups can collaborate to achieve ecological and economic sustainability while learning, teaching and sharing the elements of sustainable enterprise.
  • Executive Education: Educate, sensitize and empower key corporate executives / managers and small / medium business owners with practical and equitable business strategies that foster ecological and economic sustainability.
  • Educational Support: Provide sustainable enterprise instruction, curricula and internship projects to university-based programs and community colleges in the Chicago Area.
  • Commercial Applications of Research: providing the platform for rapid and efficient transfers of university-based research and industry-based applications to companies, especially small and medium enterprises.
  • Focused Business Support: Work with existing businesses and organizations to develop the tools for success in an emerging, sustainable economy.
  • New Business Development: Incubate start-up companies that promote sustainable environmental technologies and practices.
  • Research: Gathering Data on Sustainability and Evaluating Metrics and Feedback on Sustainability.
  • Information Sharing: Expanded the benefits of learning and teaching by the systems, methods, and technologies developed through the center with other organizations and businesses, locally and nationally.


As part of its purpose of expanding on traditional business and enterprise models, the center has participated in several projects and initiatives with small companies, local government, and other corporations.

Continuing Educational Programs

As part of its educational outreach program, the center offers for universities and colleges focusing on development and collaboration for small to medium enterprises with a focus on team development, and for large corporations with a focus on functional area leaders.

Wind Turbine

In 2003 the center installed a highly efficient small wind turbine on a temporary basis in the Field Museum of Natural History , located in Chicago, to validate wind tunnel performance data. The turbine will be able to provide additional energy for the metropolitan areas.

Remote Hybrid Unit

The CSE is collaborating with a local Chicago company to introduce the Midwest to a unique lighting and security system operating on wind and solar energy – completely off the grid. This remote hybrid unit is an 18-foot light post with a security camera option.

Implementing Educational Programs

The CSE is working with the National Technical University of Athens to introduce a Master of Science in Sustainability for the Greek, Balkan and Middle East markets.

Urban Timber

Urban timber represents an alternative paradigm to current forestry and landscape practices. The CSE has proposed a plan for the city of Chicago, the Department of the Environment, the management of the economy, the management of the economy, and the management of the enterprise. lifecycle of the trees.

Next Generation CO 2 Emission Reduction Metrics

The CSE provides an assessment of the footprint of a product and the carbon dioxide and CO 2 equivalents related to its manufacture, use and final disposition.

Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance

As a member of a 150-member organization dedicated to sustainability, the CSE hosts monthly networking meetings and seminars.