Bicycology is a UK -based collective that was formed after the 2005 London to Scotland G8 Bike Ride. [1] It is a non-hierarchical non-profit organization that aims to promote cycling as part of a broader focus on social and environmental sustainability . Bicycology has received funding from Project Earth Artists [2] [3] and is a member organization of the World Carfree Network . [4]


Bicycology involves itself in what is referred to as „bicycle politics“ and Aurora Trujillo (a member of Bicycology) co-organized [5] a two-day Bicycle Politics Symposium and Workshop in September 2010 at the Center for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University . Aurora presented a paper titled „Cycling as an oppressed practice: towards a transformative ‚promotion‘ of Cycling“ while Matt Wilson (another member of Bicycology) presented a paper on „Cycling and the Law“ which addressed the issue from an anarchist perspective.

2006 Tour

The first major event organized by Bicycology was a tour from London to Lancaster in the summer of 2006. [6] [7] [7] On arrival in Lancaster the group was on various events including a film night and a free bike repair session. The Group for Climate Change in Megawatt Valley near Leeds.

2007 Tour

In the summer of 2007, this time from Aylesbury to Exeter [8] (two of the original Cycling towns chosen by Cycling England ). About 20 people completed the tour, traveling by and carrying towing all their equipment, which included a renewable energy trailer.

Routes to Solutions

Bicycology organizes a week-long festival of cycling and sustainability in Lancaster and Morecambe which they called „Routes to Solutions“. [9] Events included workshops, movie nights, wrinkles and a Lancaster Critical Mass on the last Friday of August.

2012 Tour

In May 2012 Bicycology toured the Midlands with events around the slogan „Parking the Car … For Good!“ On May 12, they bought up their spaces in the Coventry city center and used them to promote their message. [10]

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