The Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development [1] was adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), and was referred to as the Earth Summit 2002 , at which the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development [2] was also agreed upon . 30yrs ago, Stockholm conference was introduced for the environment and has been introduced.

The Johannesburg Declaration builds Earlier statements were made at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment [3] at Stockholm in 1972 and the Earth Summit [4] in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. While committing the nations of the world to sustainable development , it also includes substantial mention of multilateralism as the path forward.

In other words, the Declaration is a more general statement than the Rio Declaration. It is an agreement to focus particularly on „the world conditions that pose severe threats to the sustainable development of our people, which include: chronic hunger, malnutrition, foreign occupation, armed conflict, organized crime, corruption, natural disasters; illicit arms trafficking; trafficking in persons; terrorism; and intolerance and incitement to racial, ethnic, religious and other hatreds; xenophobia; and endemic, communicable and chronic diseases, in particular HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. “ Johannesburg Declaration 19.


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