ESA Automation is a multinational group that manufactures technologies for industrial automation , energy management and for CNC and motion.

ESA Automation is headquartered in Mariano Comense, Como , Italy, and has branches in Spain, Germany, United States, Turkey, China and India. In Italy it has two subsidiaries : ESA Elettronica SpA in Pontedera and ESA Energy Srl in Rovereto .


  • 1975 Radio transistor antenna and electronic switchboards.
  • 1977 Integrated solutions for electrical and electronic systems for the management and control of installations for the production of polyurethane foam for refrigeration equipment.
  • 1980 Systems for the production of sneakers for washing machines and electronic systems for the management and control of plants for steel and iron forging.
  • 1985 First Operator Interface for the Integration of Production Systems.
  • 1991 Universal, multi-protocol and double-door operator terminal.
  • 1994 ISO 9001 certification and entry into the industrial PC market.
  • 1996 ESA Europe SLU in Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain.
  • 1998 ESA Elettronica GmbH. in Rödermark, Germany.
  • 2000 ESA Software & Automation India Pvt.Ltd. in Bangalore, India.
  • 2003 ESA Technology Inc. in Santa Rosa (CA), USA
  • 2006 ESA Electronic Technology ( Shanghai ) Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China.
  • 2011 ESA Technology Elektronik Ticaret Limited Şirketi in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2012 ESA Energy Ltd. in Rovereto (TN), Italy.
  • 2015 Acquisition of the CNC & motion company Elcon Group