Agronomy for Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on the interactions between cropping systems and other activities in the context ofsustainable development . It is a journal of the French National Institute for Agronomic Research and is published on Springer Science + Business Media . According to the Journal Citation Reports , the journal has a2013 impact factor of 4.141, ranking it out of 83 journals in the category „Agronomy“. [1]


Agronomy for Sustainable Development was established in 1981 as Agronomy . At that time, less than 10% of articles were in English. The journal was greatly reformed from 2003 to 2006, including a new title, a new cover design, and a switch to English-only publishing.


Agronomy for Sustainable Development welcomes multidisciplinary articles that bridge agronomy with ecological, genetic, environmental, economic and social sciences. Monodisciplinary articles that will be the grounds of sustainability of environmental, economic or social views are also welcome. Systemic approaches to the livestock, field, farm, and global scales, and participatory research are encouraged.

Social media

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is present on Mendeley , Twitter and Google+ . Since 2013, a blog allows readers to leave comments on the articles.

Open access

Articles of Agronomy for Sustainable Development are open one year after publication on the HAL open archive .


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