The Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture School (TIBÁ) is an eco- center located in the coastal jungle of Brazil ( Mata Atlântica ), dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development and ‚barefoot‘ construction techniques. It was founded in 1987 by Rose and Johan Van Lengen, author of the grassroots construction manual ‚The Barefoot Architect‘. This book has gained popularity worldwide through its advocation and detailed instruction on appropriate technology and natural building techniques for builders, architects and students. The bio-architecture school was established to provide a place in which students can share and learn these techniques hands-on.

The name TIBÁ comes from theTupi language ( Brazilian Amazonian tribe) meaning „A place where many people meet“.


Various programs are held in sanitation, communication and education.
Specialist workshops held throughout the year include:

  • Bio-Architecture Techniques (Earth Construction, Bamboo Construction, Ferro-concrete , Composting toilets (the „Bason“), Greywater reuse / Biological Filters , Green Roofs )
  • Earth Construction Techniques ( Adobe , Rammed earth , Wattle and Daub , Cob , Super Adobe , Natural Paints / Pigments, Natural Finishes / Plasters (Earth and Cal clarification needed ] , Interior and Exterior)
  • Agroforestry , as taught by Ernst Götsch (a type of forest gardening technique)
  • Introduction to Permaculture

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