A Blueprint for Survival was an influential environmentalist text that drew attention to the urgency and magnitude of environmental problems.

First published as a special edition of The Ecologist in January 1972. It was later published in book form and we Went to sell over 750,000 copies. [1]

The Blueprint Was signed by over thirty of the leading scientists of the day-Including Sir Julian Huxley , Sir Frank Fraser Darling , Sir Peter Medawar , and Sir Peter Scott -but was written by Edward Goldsmith and Robert Allen (with contributions from John Davoll and Sam Lawrence of the Conservation Society , and Michael Allaby [2], who argued for a radically restructured society in order to prevent the loss of life. . [3]

It is recommended that people live in small, decentralised and largely de-industrialized communities. Some of the reasons given for this were that:

  • it is too difficult to enforce moral behavior in a large community
  • agricultural and business practices are more likely to be ecologically sound in smaller communities
  • people feel more fulfilled in smaller communities
  • reducing an area’s population reduces the environmental impact [4]

The authors used tribal societies as their model, they were claimed, were characterized by their small, human-scale communities, low-impact technologies, successful population controls, sustainable resource management, holistic and ecologically integrated worldviews, and a high degree of social cohesion, physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual fulfillment of their members. [5] [6] [7]

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