The Blue Economy: 10 years – 100 innovations – 100 million jobs by Gunter Pauli. The book expresses the idea of ​​a blue economy business model that will be widely available in a variety of ways. The book combines the advantages of a drug with a drug and a drug. The book suggests that we can make a difference in the way we do business in the field of environmental problems. The book proposes to focus on the generation of more value, instead of blindly cutting costs. The book aims to inspire entrepreneurs to adopt its insights, by demonstrating ways in which this can create economic benefits through job creation, reduced energy use, and more revenue streams from each step of the process, at the same time benefiting the communities involved.The Blue Economy is presented in 14 chapters, each of which investigates an aspect of the world’s economies and offers a series of innovations capable of making aspects of those sustainable economies. By 2014, the book has been translated into 35 languages [1] worldwide. [2] [3]


The book was written by Gunter Pauli as Founder and Director of Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives . Pauli quotes 20 years of experiences and nearly 200 successful projects. [4]

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