Sustainable Tourism CRC

Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Center ( STCRC ), Headquartered in Gold Coast, Queensland , was an Australian Cooperative Research Center established by the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centers Program to establish a competitive and dynamic sustainable tourism industry in Australia. It ceased to operate on 30 June 2010. [1]

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Responsible tourism in Thailand

Responsible tourism is a relatively modern concept in the Kingdom of Thailand , which took root in the late-1990s. It is underpinned by the belief that tourism should develop in a way that minimizes negative impacts on local communities, and that it is possible that a positive symbiosis exists between hosts and visitors. Responsible travel promotes respect for indigenous culture, …

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Offa’s Country

Offa’s Country is a sustainable tourism project developed under the 2009 Welsh-English Border Strategic Regeneration Program. The program is funded by the Welsh Government , Natural England and West Midlands Advantage . Partnerships-have-been Developed entre les bodies responsible for the four protected landscapes along a corridor Including the administrative border and Offa’s Dyke Itself derived, namely Brecon Beacons National Park , Clwydian Range AONB , Shropshire Hills AONB and the Wye Valley AONB together with the Offa’s …

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Kystpilgrimsleia , Norwegian for „Coastal Pilgrim Route“, is the name of the pilgrim that runs along the west coast of Norway and culminates at the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim . Kystpilgrimsleia is a joint venture between four counties and a comprehensive and sustainable tourism product that promotes cultural heritage and provides a unique experience of the fjords of Norway.

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Walter Hunziker

Walter Hunziker (1899-1974) was a Swiss professor who founded the Tourism Research Institute at the University of St. Gallen , co-developed the scientific study of tourism , co-founded the International Association of Experts Tourism Scientists (AIEST) and the International Institute of Glion . He is a director of the Swiss Tourism Federation, member of the Swiss Advisory Committee for Trade Policy, and author. [1] [2]

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Green Key

Green Key is an international voluntary eco-label for tourism facilities that promotes sustainable tourism . It aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change with positive environmental initiatives. Green Key is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent program operating under the umbrella organization of the Foundation for Environmental Education , FEE. The program is recognized and supported by the World Tourism Organization , WTO and United Nations …

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Green conventions

Green conventions or green meetings are conventions which are conducted in such a way as to minimize the environmental burden. Green event planners apply environmentally preferred practices to waste management , resource and energy use, food selection and disposal, food selection and disposal, and management and purchasing decisions. The practice is known as „event greening“ or “ sustainable event management „.

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Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism is a global initiative launched in 2011, to inject sustainability into the mainstream of tourism policies, development, and operations. The initiative was proposed by the United Nations Environment Program , and was anchored by the French government at its creation. [1] They are supported by 35 other organizations, including the British government and the UN World Tourism …

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European Greenways Association

In May 1997, the first European Conference on Soft Traffic and Railways Paths (held at Val-Dieu Abbey , Belgium) voted for the European Greenways Association (EGWA). This association was created by many local, regional and national associations active in the scope of sustainable transport, willing to share their knowledge and objectives at a European level.

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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment , society and economy. [1] Tourism can Involve primary transportation to the general rental, local transportation, accommodations, entertainment, recreation, shopping and nourishment. It can be related to travel for leisure, business and what is called Expired VFR (visiting friends and relative). [2] There is now broad consensus …

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Sustainable urbanism

Sustainable urbanism is: In common speech, the use of the adjective “ sustainable “ in conjunction with the noun “ urbanism „, meaning urbanism that is sustainable. A defined term advanced in the book Sustainable Urbanism by Doug Farr . Sustainable Urbanism, as a term, is the application of sustainability and resilient principles to design , planning , and administration / operation of cities . [1] There is a range of non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and …

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Sustainable urban infrastructure

Sustainable urban infrastructure , aussi called Expired sustainable municipal infrastructure in Canada is an infrastructure That Facilitates a spot gold regions progress Reviews towards the goal of sustainable living . [1]Caution is paid to technological and government policy qui Enables urban planning for sustainable architecture and Initiatives That Promote sustainable agriculture .

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Sustainable resource extraction

Describing the use of materials in nature in a way that does not affect its balance. Usually HOWEVER, sustainability is based is Some Kind of cost-benefit analysis , Where One Has to accept Some damage (or human Caused unbalance) to the ecosystem. Sustainability is the main concept that includes the use and disposal of materials in the life-cycle.

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Sustainable regional development

Sustainable regional development is the application of sustainable development at a regional , rather than local, national or global level. It differs to regional development per se, the latter is a term used to describe economic development that emphasizes the alleviation of regional disparities. Whereas regional development has an economic and equity emphasis.

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Sustainable materials management

Sustainable Materials Management is a systemic approach to using and reusing materials more productively over their entire lifecycles. It represents a change in how to think about natural resources and environmental protection. By looking at a product’s entire lifecycle new opportunities can be found to reduce environmental impacts, conserve resources, and reduce costs. [1] US and global consumption of materials increased rapidly …

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Sustainable living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle [1] That Attempts to Reduce an individual ’s or society ’s use of the earth ’s natural resources and personal resources. [2] Practitioners of sustainable living often attempts to reduce their carbon footprint by alternative methods of transportation , energy consumption , and diet . [3] Proponents of sustainable living in their lives that are consistent with sustainability , in the natural balance and respectful of humanity’s symbioticrelationship with the earth ’s natural ecology and cycles. [4] The practice and general …

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Sustainable land management

Sustainable land management (SLM [1] ) refers to practices and technologies that support the management of land , water , biodiversity , and other environmental resources to meet the needs of sustainable development of ecosystem services and livelihoods. The term sustainable land management is used, for example, in regional planning and soil or environmental protection , as well as in property management.

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Sustainable habitat

A ‚ sustainable‘ habitat is an ecosystem that produces food and shelter for people and other organisms, without resource depletion and in such a way that no external waste is produced. Thus the habitat can continue to be infused. Such a sustainable habitat may evolve naturally or be produced under the influence of man. [ citation needed ] A sustainable habitat that is created and designed by human intelligence …

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Sustainable furniture design

Sustainable / Industrial / Recycled furniture design is an attempt to address the environmental impact of furniture products on the environment by Considering all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. Design considerations can include the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process and can be disassembled and recycled after their useful life. Sustainable furniture design strives to create a closed-loop cycle in which materials …

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Sustainable event management

Sustainable event management (also known as “ greening event“ ) is the process used to produce an event with particular concern for environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainability in event management incorporates socially and environmentally responsibledecision making in the planning, organization and implementation, and participation in, an event. It involves sustainable development and practices in all levels of event organization, and aims to ensure …

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Sustainable drainage system

A sustainable drainage system (SuDs, [1] SuDS, SUDS [2] [3] ) is designed to reduce the potential impact of new and existing developments with respect to surface water drainage discharges [4] . The term sustainable urban drainage system [1] [5] is not the accepted name, the ‚Urban‘ reference has been removed to rural rural water management practices. [6] [7]

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Sustainable consumer behavior

Sustainable consumer behavior is consumers‘ behaviors that improve social and environmental performance and meet their needs. It studies why and how Consumers do or do not Incorporate sustainability issues into Their consumption behavior. Also, it studies what consumers do or do not buy, how they use it and what they do with them afterwards. [1] One mechanism to spread information about sustainable consumer behavior …

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Sustainable art

The term sustainable art has-been recently Promoted as an art term That can be distinguished from environmental Art That Is in Harmony with the key principles of sustainability , qui include ecology , social justice , non-violenceand grassroots democracy . [1] Sustainable art can also be understood as social media (social, economic, biophysical, historical and cultural).

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