Natural Resources Council of Maine

The Natural Resources Council of Maine ( NRCM ) is a Maine-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, with offices in Augusta, Maine. Founded in 1959 as a Small, Volunteer-based Environmental Advocacy Group, NRCM has grown to be one of the largest advocacy organizations, with more than 20,000 supporters and activists and a staff of 24, including science and policy experts. Over …

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Women’s Environment & Development Organization

The Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO) is an international non-governmental organization based in New York City , US That advocates women’s equality in global policy. It was founded in 1990 by Bella Abzug and Mim Kelber to take action in the United Nations and other international policymaking forums. Its early successes included achieving gender equality in the final documents Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration . In 2006, the organization was named as an international Champion of the Earth by theUnited …

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Environment Institute University of Adelaide

The Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide brings together research in fields of science, engineering and economics related to the management of natural resources and infrastructure. Research undertaken within the Institute aims to contribute to improvements in the management of natural resources , water, soil, and native flora and fauna , particularly under changing climate and economic conditions. It was launched on the eve of World Environment …

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Energy and Environmental Security Initiative

Established in 2003, the Energy and Environmental Security Initiative (EESI) is an interdisciplinary Research & Policy Institute located at the University of Colorado Law School . The fundamental mission of EESI is to serve as an interdisciplinary research and policy center on the development and crafting of state policies, US energy policies , and global responses to the world’s energy crisis; and to facilitate the …

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Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability

Feasta , the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability is an organization based in Ireland which aims to identify the characteristics of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose „. [1] It was founded in Dublin , Ireland in 1998. [2]

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Uganda Rural Fund

Uganda Rural Fund (URF) is a non-governmental grassroots working in Southwestern Uganda , [1] [2] primarily in the Masaka and Rakai Districts. [3] FIU states That icts Mission is to „to empower orphans, impoverished youth, and women to fight poverty in Uganda’s rural communities, through the establishment of educational and sustainable development opportunities.“ [4] FIU Attempts to give community members the tools and resources to their own lives …

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Ukraine Nature Conservation Society

Ukraine Nature Conservation Society (Ukrpryroda – Ukrayinske tovarystvo okhorony pryrody) is a non-governmental environmental organization, foundation of which was one of the precursors of the Khrushchev thaw during his time in Ukraine. In 1967, following Ukrpryroda’s advocacy arguments, the Ukrainian Government founded the State Nature Protection Committee that had a status of a central government agency. This eu lieu three …

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Union for Ethical Biotrade

The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) is a nonprofit association that promotes „Sourcing with Respect“ of ingredients that come from biodiversity . Members commit to their assurance of biodiversity, respect traditional knowledge and ensure equitable sharing of benefits all along the supply chain , following the Ethical BioTrade Standard. [1] Ethical BioTrade Standard, developing a work-plan for gradual compliance for all natural, the commitment to continuous improvement of compliance …

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United Farmers Association

United Farmers Association is a lobbying (Legislative & Executive) / Union in Tamil Nadu , India. It specializes in organizing the efforts to protect and enhance the farming ecosystem. Since the year 2000, this association has been promoting agriculture and farming techniques. The association has helped in negotiating better price for farm produce. The association is not associated with any political parties.

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Tellus Institute

The Tellus Institute is a non-profit research and policy organization based in Boston, Massachusetts . Its mission is to advance the transition to a sustainable, equitable, and humane global civilization. The Tellus Institute was founded in 1976 by Richard Raskin , Richard Rosen, Stephen Bernow, and John Stutz, and David Nichols for the purpose of resource and environmental research. Dr. Paul Raskin is the President …

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Californians for Population Stabilization

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is a non-profit California organization founded in 1986 which works to „preserve California’s future through the stabilization of our state’s human population.“ CAPS was the branch of the Zero Population Growth (ZPG) organization. It supports „replacement-level“ immigration, and does so „without regard to race, ethnicity, or national origin.“ [1]

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Center for Sustainable Enterprise

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) is one of four academic and research centers at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Stuart School of Business (SSB) in the city of Chicago . The CSE HAS created a platform to convene disciplinary The Many facets of the ITI colleges with business, community and government stakeholders in Focused initiatives dedicated to making Chicago sustainable city .

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Center for Environment Education

The Center for Environment Education (EEC) in India was established in August 1984 as a Center of Excellence by the Ministry of Environment and Forests . The organization works towards developing programs and materials to increase awareness of the environment and sustainable development. The head office is located in Ahmedabad . [1] [2] The Center has 41 offices across India including regional cells in Bangalore (South), Guwahati(North East), Lucknow (North), Ahmedabad (West) and Pune (Central); state offices in Delhi ,Hyderabad , Raipur , Goa , Coimbatore ; and …

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Bicycology is a UK -based collective that was formed after the 2005 London to Scotland G8 Bike Ride. [1] It is a non-hierarchical non-profit organization that aims to promote cycling as part of a broader focus on social and environmental sustainability . Bicycology has received funding from Project Earth Artists [2] [3] and is a member organization of the World Carfree Network . [4]

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Aythos, Inc. (formerly known as Project Helambu USA, Inc.) is a US based economic development nonprofit working in Nepal Offering project funding and community training programs in agriculture. [1] Aythos focuses on environmentally sustainable projects while incorporating women and girls empowerment into development plans. Past projects have been located in the Sindhulpalchok District of Nepal in the Helambu region.

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The Australia Institute

The Australian Institute is an Australian think tank conducting public policy research, funded by grants from philanthropic trusts, memberships and commissioned research. The institute began in 1994 in order to build and commission research and policy analysis on public debates and political and social issues and trends. The institute is based in Canberra , Australian Capital Territory . When it was founded the institute used a sprig …

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NegaWatt Association

NegaWatt Power Association , Is a French advocacy group. It was founded in 2001 to promote the NegaWatt concept and its application to French society. The association seeks to reduce the use and consumption of fossil fuels and nuclear power . [1] [2] Its approach is based on energy conservation , energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies . It published a scenario that details a path to phasing out these energy sources.

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Association for Environment Conscious Building

The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) is the leading network for sustainable building professionals in the United Kingdom . Membership of the AECB includes local authorities , housing associations , builders , architects , designers , consultants and manufacturers . The association was founded in 1989 to increase awareness of the need to respect, protect, preserve and enhance the environment and promote sustainable development.

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Associação Comunitária Monte Azul

The Associação Comunitária Monte Azul (ACOMA) is a Brazilian NGO that is active in three Favelas in the southern part of São Paulo , M’Boi Mirim / Campo Limpo. The organization was founded in 1979 by the German Waldorf teacher Ute Craemer together with the residents of the Favela Monte Azul. In the 1980s the work spread to the Favela Peinha nearby and to Horizonte Azul on the southern …

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Almargem is a non-profit association founded in Loulé , Portugal on June 1988. The main purposes of Almargem are the study and sharing of the most significant historical, cultural, and natural values ​​of the Algarve , the promotion of the same values ​​and promotion of activities pursuing nature respectful local development. Almargem is an environmental non-governmental organization ( NGO ) of the regional scope, being registered in …

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Agropolis Foundation

Agropolis Foundation , extended name „Montpellier Agricultural Sciences and Sustainable Development“ was created in France is Feb. 21st, 2007 by the original three founding institutions INRA , CIRAD , and SupAgro . It deriving their the legal frame of the thematic network for advanced research ( RTRA), „Research and Development“, selected in 2006 together with twelve other networks for advanced research in …

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Aaranyak is a leading wildlife NGO [1] based in Guwahati . It is a Scientific , Industrial Research and Frontline Environmental Organization of India . It works all over the eastern Himalayan area on nature conservation, natural resources management, climate change, disaster management and livelihood enhancement of Marginalized communities through research, education and advocacy . [2]

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Sustainability organizations

Sustainability organizations are (1) organized groups of people who favor sustainability and / or (2) those actions of organizing something sustainably. Unlike Many business organisms, organisms sustainability are not limited to Implementing sustainability strategies qui Provide Them with economic and cultural benefits attained through environmental responsibility . For sustainability organizations, sustainability can also be improved.

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