World Resources Forum

The World Resources Forum (WRF) is a non-profit organization for sharing knowledge about the economic, political, social and environmental implications of global resource use . WRF promotes resource productivity among researchers, policymakers, business, NGOs and the public. WRF Secretariat multistakeholder dialogue projects, among others the Sustainable Recycling Initiative (SRI) and the H2020 project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials(FORAM). WRF serves as a bridge and fostering exchange between academics, politicians, research-orientated practitioners, entrepreneurs, consultants …

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Material flow management

Material flow management ( MFM ) is a method of efficiently managing materials. Material flow management is the goal oriented, efficient use of materials, material streams and energy. The goals are given by ecological and economic areas and by observing social aspects. (in „Protection of human beings and environment“, by the Enquest Commission of the German Bundestag)

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Healthy Land & Water

Healthy Land and Water (formerly Healthy Waterways) is an Australian not-for-profit organization using evidence-based research and monitoring of South East Queensland waterways to determine catchment health. Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, local councils, water utilities and industry co-funds the organization to deliver scientific information about the region’s rivers and catches with the stated aim of guiding on-ground …

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ESA Automation

ESA Automation is a multinational group that manufactures technologies for industrial automation , energy management and for CNC and motion. ESA Automation is headquartered in Mariano Comense, Como , Italy, and has branches in Spain, Germany, United States, Turkey, China and India. In Italy it has two subsidiaries : ESA Elettronica SpA in Pontedera and ESA Energy Srl in Rovereto .

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Environmental manager

Environmental managers are Involved in processes That seek to control Some environmental entities in orientation to a plane or idea. Such control is possible, however, is contested. Templates for environmental managers ranks from corporate officers (corporate environmental managers) via managers of a nature reserve , to environmental and resource planning officers aim analytically seen, aussi Involve indigenous environmental managers, farmers [1] or environmental activists . In many accounts, hopeis held that environmental managers implement large plans or political …

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Energy management

Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation , climate protection and cost savings , while the users have access to the energy they need. It is connected closely to environmental management , production management , logistics and other established business functions. The VDI-Guideline 4602 released on the definition of the economic dimension: „Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion ,distribution and use of energy to …

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African Center for Technology Studies

African Center for Technology Studies (ACTS) is an intergovernmental non-profit organization, founded in 1988 by Calestous Juma FRS [2] in Nairobi, Kenya, promoting policy-oriented research on science and technology that is sustainable in the economy , society, and the environment. [1] It was the first African non-profit organization to combine policy research, science and technology. [2] : 6

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Sustainability and environmental management

At the global scale, sustainability and environmental management is driving the oceans , the freshwater systems, the land and the atmosphere , according to sustainability principles. [1] [2] Land use change is Fundamental to the operations of the biosphere Because alterations in the relative proportions of land dedicated to urbanization , agriculture , forest , woodland , grassland and pasture -have a marked effect on the global water, carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical cycles . [3] The management of the Earth’s atmosphere involves assessment of all aspects of the carbon cycle to identify …

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