Subak (irrigation)

Subak is the water management (irrigation) system for paddy fields is Bali island, Indonesia qui Was Developed in the 9th century. For the Balinese , the water is used for the construction of roots, water is used to build a complex, pulsed artificial ecosystem. [1] The system consists of nearly 20,000 hectares of land (49,000 acres). The temples are the main focus of this cooperative water management, known as subak .

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The Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture School (TIBÁ) is an eco- center located in the coastal jungle of Brazil ( Mata Atlântica ), dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development and ‚barefoot‘ construction techniques. It was founded in 1987 by Rose and Johan Van Lengen, author of the grassroots construction manual ‚The Barefoot Architect‘. This book has gained popularity worldwide through its advocation …

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